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A Professional Window Cleaning and Power Washing Company Serving the Phoenix AZ Area


We offer a variety of residential services to homeowners in the Phoenix AZ area:

House Washing:

A professional company, like Desert Heat Window Wash, will take the time and will have the experience necessary to make sure your foliage and exterior fixtures are not harmed during the cleaning process.

  • Detergents and mildewcides are used at strengths specific to your type of siding and type of dirt
  • Pre–wetting and rinsing of all surfaces (including plants and grass) is a very important part of our process
  • Pressure settings are adjusted to clean your siding without damage

Screen Cleaning:

We use a special method to deep clean screens, we don't use soap and water like most companies out there or even brush down. we have perfected the art of screen cleaning by using a special chemical to eat away all the grime and dirt, bringing your screens back to life looking as good as the first day they were put in.

Mirror Cleaning:

Lets face it. Mirror cleaning is no walk in the park. no matter how hard we try to get them clean, there is always a streak smear or some type of smudge that does not seem to come off no matter how hard we try. Let us take the head aches away and put that sparkle back in your mirrors.

Light Fixture Cleaning:

Our highly skilled technicians clean your light fixtures so they will shine like they are new. We can get to chandeliers in the most difficult places and can also replace your light bulbs upon request.

Light fixtures are cleaned using mild detergents, hot water, and lint-free towels. Chandeliers are cleaned using mild detergents or a specialty cleaning solution and are hand buffed to dry.

We can hand clean just about any type of light fixture or chandelier using ladders and drop clothes to ensure we do not leave any residue behind.

Blind Cleaning:

We hand wash every blind with a special chemical to fight the roughest and dirtiest grimes possible.

Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter and downspout cleaning and maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs on damaged gutters, roofs, walls, and foundations. Gutters that are clogged can overflow down the back of the gutters and cause water to seep into the house or create wood rot. Having your gutters professionally cleaned by Desert Heat Window Wash allows the gutters to function properly.

Desert Heat Window Wash

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